5 Things to Have around a Baby's Changing Station

October 01, 2017

5 Things to Have around a Baby's Changing Station

5 Things to Have around a Baby's Changing Station

A baby's changing station is more or less a baby's dressing area, and for you [being the mother] to have things under control, you have to see to it that certain things are placed in strategic positions around the station. So, what are the necessary things you need around? Read through this article to see a couple of these items:

Tagged Bins

In a bid to keep baby's accessories [such as wipes, diapers, toys, shoes, caps, etc] in an organized/tidied manner, it is good to have a set of bins with tags [showing which is carrying a particular thing] within reach. This would help de-clutter the area, and also make the changing process quick and easy.

Trash Can

Trash cans having foot pedal, are also needed around the changing station. They are useful for discarding used (disposable) diapers and probably every other dirt or garbage that are found within the changing area.

Laundry Basket

You don't have to toss dirty or soiled pants or any baby wear about; having a laundry basket with you in the changing station will further help keep things in a good order.

Hand Sanitizer

Maintaining hygienic condition is always crucial to healthy living, and this also applies in the changing area where your hands could be soiled by the contents of a used diaper. Thus, you should get a hand sanitizer to clean your hands after changing your baby's diaper.


Get some toys for your little one [to play with] so that you will have the time to focus on the work of giving him/her a change of diaper or cloth- just create a distraction that catches the baby's attention as you dress him/her up with ease.

We cannot, in any way, limit you to this list as you might have some other frills you might desire to have in your baby's changing area.