7 Baby Grooming Essentials

October 01, 2017

7 Baby Grooming Essentials

7 Baby Grooming Essentials

Babies are happy tots, and it is incumbent on every parent to help these adorable little ones maintain their playful and joyful mien. This can be guaranteed by simply taking care of them- seeing to their grooming needs and keeping them tidy at all times. In doing this, you have need for certain items; some of which we shall now mention here:

Baby Tub

Baby tub is an important item to have in a baby's grooming kit. It is however, advisable to go for one that is designed to offer a good support for your baby's (delicate) body structure so as to ensure his/her safety while bathing.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are needed for cleaning up spittle, spills and also poops. The best type (of wipes) to have in the baby's pack are the ones that are free from alcohol and fragrance, and that do not cause any form of allergic reaction on the tot's skin.

Baby Nail Clippers

Although keeping the itsy-bitsy fingernails of your baby trim could indeed prove to be a tough job but having a rounded baby nail clipper- or probably, a baby scissors- should make it less knotty a task to execute.

Baby Comb/Hairbrush

You will be require either a comb or hairbrush in order to adequately style your baby's hair. Soft brushes and wide-toothed combs are the recommended types to use.

Cotton-wool Balls

Sterile cotton-wool balls are another set of valuable items to have in a baby's grooming kit right from the very first week. They will be needed for cleaning the baby's eyes and the buttocks so as to put rashes in check.

Nose Aspirator

Since it is impossible for the little one to blow his/her nose- even when the nose get stuffed up- it is only reasonable to get something that would help clear the nostrils of the mucus that might have stored up overtime. And that's where the nose aspirator comes in handy.

Rectal Thermometer

Well, there are many variations of thermometer available in the market that you can use in checking the temperature of a toddler but of them all, the rectal thermometer is still the best in terms of accuracy.