Skincare Products to Have in Your Baby's Grooming Kit

October 01, 2017

Skincare Products to Have in Your Baby's Grooming Kit

Skincare Products to Have in Your Baby's Grooming Kit

If there's a part or organ of the baby you should always pay close attention to on a daily basis, it would be none but the skin. This is due to the delicate nature of the baby's skin, and in order to help your baby sustain the tenderness of his/her skin, you have got to keep certain skincare products in your baby's bag- or somewhere around the changing station. The following is the list of products that are essential for a healthy skin:

Baby Oil

Baby oil has been recommended for getting rid of scaly crusts that could show up on the baby's scalp. Furthermore, it can be used in a diverse number of ways to take care of the newborn's sensitive skin.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is a very useful (skincare) product in a baby's changing station as it prevents rashes which could result from the use of diapers. Plus, it can also be used to lubricate rectal thermometer before using it to check the temperature of the baby.


Ointments will protect the baby's skin from nappy rashes. However, it is important to consult the paediatrician to know the best formulation to use on your child.

Baby Soap

Whichever baby soap you will be selecting should be one that will be mild on the skin of the infant. So, in this wise, you might need to pay heed to the ingredients used in manufacturing every option that is presented to you.


Powder is meant to help soothe the skin. But not all kinds of powder can be recommended for baby's use- for instance powder made with talcum have been found to cause respiratory discomfort so, such type is a no-no. The most appropriate kind to use, are the ones made from natural substances like cornstarch, kaolin clay, arrowroot and so on.